Strength in Numbers

I recently heard, that there are times in your life where you are in a position to give and other times where you have to be open to receive. I’m not one who likes to ask for help. I’m not sure why, but I believe it’s a mindset that if you ask for help then you look weak? Which is weird considering if someone asked me for help, that’s the last thing I would think. I would actually be excited that they reached out to me or trusted me enough to ask? Isn’t it odd what our minds sometimes tell us?

Over the last three months I’ve been in a serious season of receiving. When Jeremy went to jail, I was a single parent, facing the holidays, and my house sold and needed to be packed and moved. I had to ask for help often, and those who know me well didn’t even asked, they just came and did.

The day I will always remember, is the day everyone showed up to pack my house. Women from all different areas of my life showed up right before Christmas and packed every room of my house. I’m not kidding, if you put these women all together in one place they could seriously run the world! Boxes packed, labeled, organized and stacked in the garage ready for the movers. They brought their husbands for muscle, and bedroom furniture was moved and set up in my rent house in one evening. What did I do to help? Nothing! I sat and cried. Why? I’m not sure? Overwhelmed by kindness, OF COURSE! Overwhelmed by life, ABSOLUTELY! Finally letting go of being strong and submitting to the fact that I can’t be and do everything on my own, BINGO! That was my first ugly, uncontrollable cry since Jeremy entered rehab. One year and two months of carrying my burdens on my own, weighing me down, and finally asking for help!

What I’ve learned…when we ask for help, it’s not a sign of weakness…IT’S A SIGN OF STRENGTH! Because when we ask for help, those who feel helpless, feel helpful. Those who have gifts that you don’t, get to use them. Those who are your real people, your tribe, pick you up where you are and get to lovingly carry you. How do I ever repay them, I don’t and I can’t. That would be an insult. But you know what? If/when they fall on hard times, endure crisis, need to be the receiver…I’LL BE THERE! They don’t even need to ask. Why? Because we can be strong individually, but there is much more power and STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!


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