Facing Life One Workout at a Time


I love January in the gym!

It brings old friends back to the gym and new expectations are high!

It reminds me why I began in the industry. Exactly six years ago I was overweight, exhausted, felt I wasn’t living up to expectations, and suffered from low self esteem. I needed something for me! Something that gave me an outlet to express who I wanted to be, to live a purpose besides wife of a physician and mom in a little town of Oklahoma. What I found was more than I could ever imagine! I went scared into a Turbo Kick certification and met a tribe of others who were looking for the same. The negative self talk was there…I’m too old to begin a new path like fitness, I’m not fit enough, I can’t even count music, I’m not the front person, and definitely not the center of attention. .

I’ve grown so much since that person six years ago. I’m still not the most fit instructor, I still don’t always count right, and I still don’t like being the center of attention. But I LOVE HELPING OTHER WOMEN! And who knew six years later that this tribe of women that have walked in and out of my life, crossed paths with me, I’ve build friendships with, would help me through the worst year of my life this last year? Through the relationships I’ve made sweating, building muscle, loosing weight, gaining weight, living through unexpected life, that I would grow inner strength and bravery and courage and support?

So that’s why I love what I do. That’s why I feel everyone should have a tribe. That’s why I keep helping women through my teaching, my workouts, my social media platforms, and my business! If these women have helped me over the last six years grow with so much strength, I’ve been able to manage through this last year. I’m always here to do the same for them! For those that come only in January, and for those who are lifers! My promise to you!

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