This is Only Temporary

For weeks after my husband went to rehab I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety over me. I had to face the day strong for my kids, still keep up with the everyday schedule, and now by myself figure out what direction we needed to take. Even with all of the love and support from my family, I felt so alone. Going to sleep at night and then waking up the the morning was the worst part of all. I was listening to a podcast one day called Hope in Struggle from my friend, Mindy Lawhorne. She said something I needed to hear that day…This is Only Temporary.


Maybe today you need to hear that what’s going on in your life, in your circumstance, in your yuck, is only temporary. Everyday is a new day to begin a new chapter of this life you have on earth. Even though the weight of life, the everyday struggle to wake up or fall asleep, is far more than you can bear; please know it is only temporary. Stay strong and focused on a Higher Power that you can turn to, pray to, scream to, cry to. So many things have helped me stay strong, my God, my fitness classes I teach, my family, my Al Anon group, my counselor (yes, find one!), my sponsor, and my anxiety medication (yes, do it if you need it). Reach out to me, I’ll help you…but remember, It’s Only Temporary!

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